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eBook FAQ

What is an eBook?

eBooks are textbooks with enhanced functionality in digital format. eBooks are delivered electronically to your computer via Jumpbooks.com. They give readers the ability to search the entire text for a word or phrase, add comments, create their own bookmarks, and print on demand from a personal computer or laptop.

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What do I need in order to use my eBook?

  1. A computer or tablet that meets the browser or system requirements below:
    • Windows Vista or greater, or Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
    • 2.0 GHz Intel processor
    • 1GB of RAM
    • 1024x768 screen resolution or larger.
  2. A high-speed Internet connection. (Because eBooks are large files, a high-speed Internet connection is required to ensure you can download your eBook quickly and effectively. A connection to the Internet is required for reading a eBook if you choose the recommended, online-viewer option.)
  3. An account on Jumpbooks.com, register here.
  4. The receipt number and access code found on the bookstore receipt.

Be sure you have met all requirements before activating and downloading your eBook!

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Can I give my eBook to others?

eBooks are designed to be downloaded by a single user, on one computer. However, you can access the eBook through the internet at multiple computers (each book may only be checked out for offline use to one computer at a time).

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How long can I keep my eBook?

All CourseSmart titles will eventually expire (most in 180 days). The eBook expiration date can be located on the back of each eBook tag in the bookstore. The time until expiration begins at the moment you activate your eBook.

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Can I print my eBook?

Yes, most eBooks have no limitations regarding printing. In the event that an eBook does have a printing restriction, this information will be located on the back of its tag in the Bookstore.

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Can I read my eBook without being connected to the internet?

Yes, you may "check out" up to three chapters or sections at a time to read offline.

  1. From your CourseSmart bookshelf, select the desired eTextbook.
  2. Click the button to enable offline access.
  3. Select up to three chapters or sections to "check out" the chapters for offline use.
  4. Once the chapters are available for offline use, you can view the downloaded chapters in your browser, even while offline.
  5. The offline reader supports key features like notes, highlights, copy, and searching the current page.
  6. In order to access the selected chapters offline from another browser-enabled device, these chapters must be checked back in using the tools in the CourseSmart website.
  7. The check out process may be repeated multiple times. The entire textbook may be accessed offline, three chapters at a time.

You may only store chapters offline on one device at a time.

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What if my computer crashes and I lose my eBook?

It is recommended that you immediately make a backup copy after downloading your eBook. Create a copy of your eBook and save it to a removable memory such as a USB drive. Jumpbooks.com is not responsible for accidentally deleted or lost files. Making a backup copy will allow you to restore the eBook to the same computer to which you originally downloaded the file in the event of a disaster. Note: The backup file eBook does not allow you to open it on a different computer. For assistance in restoring a backed up title, please contact the content provider (VitalSource, CourseSmart) for further assistance.

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