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Rush Tips

Start of Semester Tips

Shop early.

Shop before the semester begins - used textbooks are the first to sell out.

Shop early in the day.

Nearly 10,000 students and families will be visiting the Bookstore during the first week of classes, especially during the afternoon.

Have your class schedule in hand.

You can print a copy of your schedule off WINS system.

Have your student ID.

You will need this if you intend to rent any books, or put purchase items on your student account.

Ask for help.

Stop by the Textbook Rental desk or front desk. We can answer your concerns, tell you about the process, and give you updated information on books, courses, and instructors.

Don't buy books if your instructor is not listed on the shelf card.

Each instructor makes their own decisions for books they will use in their classes; different professors teaching the same class may assign different books.

Be knowledgeable about other class requirements.

Some instructors may require you to purchase "classroom clickers," access codes, chemistry goggles, course packets, or other items.

Return wrong books ASAP.

Wrong books purchased must be returned within 4 days of receipt date. We want to be able to get the books in the hands of the right student, therfore; be sure you have the right books for your classes. Here is an outline of our return policy.

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