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Rock County

Upcoming Extended Hours Rock County Location

January 11th-15th 8am-3pm

January 18th-22nd 8am-3pm

Return to Normal Hours on January 25th

M-Th 8am-3pm

Students can begin picking up their books for the spring semester beginning January 14th.

Welcome Rock County students, faculty, and staff!


  • Rock County‚Äôs textbook rental system allows you to rent a majority of your textbooks. (The textbook is checked out to you for the semester and is due the last day of the term, similar to a library). You may still have to buy some books (novels, lab manuals, access codes) however, most of your textbook needs are covered with tuition. If you would like to view your textbooks for the semester please follow this link https://www.uwwhitewaterbookstore.com and go to the "Find Your Books" section.
  • If you would like to check if you have any books to purchase for the semester please follow this link https://www.uwwhitewaterbookstore.com and go to the "Find Your Books" section. (Books that you need to purchase can be bought at any time).
  • You can begin picking up books in-store a week before the semester begins. Be sure to check our social pages on FB, Instagram @uwwbookstore or your e-mail for notifications.
  • If you need books for an online course through Extended Campus find your materials here.


  • If you would like your Textbook Rental books shipped, please fill out the shipping form found here http://www.uww.edu/textbookrental/shipping. There is a $9.99 shipping charge that will be applied to your student bill.


  • Please notify Mike Lema: lemam@uww.edu or Glen Oeding: oedingg@uww.edu if you still need to order textbooks, or have any questions regarding your course materials. If you have questions on Textbook Rental policies and procedures you can find more info here http://www.uww.edu/textbookrental/faq
  • For desk copies faculty need to contact the publisher, no desk copies are available through Textbook Rental.


  • The Bookstore will carry imprinted clothing, gift items and supplies. We have several Rock County options available on our website as well as here Rock County Merchandise
  • The Bookstore will also carry tech products, basic pharmacy and convenience store items.

Phone Number:



Monday-Thursday: 8:00am - 3:00pm
Friday: Closed
Weekends: Closed